To Be a Healer

Holding the enduringly tender places and spaces

Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS

A consulting advisor to leaders, founders and teams, Kathryn weaves systems change vision and initiatives into strategy, priorities, and operating from outcomes. From her wheelhouse, she taps into how you communicate, relate, operate, work, lead, and group think; infuses presence, power, and self-awareness onto broad, prioritised organisation strategy; and designs tangible change for your more coherent, modern, and future-forward system.

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, New York City

During the On Air Fest in Brooklyn in late February of 2023, Krista Tippett and Vivek Murthy (21st U.S. Surgeon General) sat for a nourishing conversation on love and our human capacity to lead change on the human condition. It is all a long time ago, yet is it? The shadows of 2020-present are ripely upon us, demanding more release on what no longer plays. The choosing of new futures based on entirely different staging is right within our grasp. Have a listen.

You’ve got this. x

by Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS
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