Elevating the Game

Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS

A consulting advisor to leaders, founders and teams, Kathryn weaves systems change vision and initiatives into strategy, priorities, and operating from outcomes. From her wheelhouse, she taps into how you communicate, relate, operate, work, lead, and group think; infuses presence, power, and self-awareness onto broad, prioritised organisation strategy; and designs tangible change for your more coherent, modern, and future-forward system.

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, New York City

The game, in its normative design, draws power away. To elevate the game, you transform the Field to proliferate power from within.

Evolution is inexorable. It constantly seeks to expand, is inherently progressive, and it cannot — like it or not — be managed, wrangled, or stopped. The choice you are repeatedly faced with within that universal truth is whether you show up and lead yourself in the Field of Change from your highest and most positive frequencies. Or, whether you resist that conscious awareness as your preferred way of operating.

Resisting looks like you behaving by blocking, manipulating, and aggrieving the inevitable change within and around you. It is you consciously designing alternatively denser, lower, and more unconscious negative frequencies for yourself and others to navigate.  

Autonomy, self-direction, self-management, and personal authority are what you do each and every day to wield the power that you — and only you — hold within. They are how you apply your highest (or lowest) potential, your purpose, and your sovereignty in alignment with your source of truth that is within you as you contribute to
the Field of Evolutionary Change.

The Field is a naturally latent state. The Field invites all individuals to operate from their most tapped-in, energetic, and consciously aware selves so as to participate in steering the collective experimentally and iteratively towards its highest potential.

How Elevated Collectives Work

  • A collective determines direction. 

  • A collective dials up — or down — the frequency on the path toward that direction. 

  • A collective is only a collective because it is made up of groups of individuals.

  • These individuals (meaning you) and their intentionally applied and upleveled use of their innate ability to create, grow, and evolve feeds the design and the frequency of the collective. 

  • A collective is energetically aligned — by definition — to the collection of individuals who make up the collective’s energetic reality.

  • The frequency in evidence of any collective is a determinant of the conscious awareness and level of applied power emanating from the cultivated, internal, and conscious knowing of its individuals. 

Polarity Operating in the Field

The Field exhibits polarity. Negative and positive, light and dark, good and evil, generosity and selfishness, feminine and masculine co-exist. Each are poles that create contrast in the direction of less friction, more demand met. A key understanding here, within the limitations of language, is to think of polarities as existence and absence. Light and lack of light. Good and lack of good. Generosity and lack of generosity. High vibe feminine (not gender) attributes and the absence of high vibe feminine attributes.

As an actor in a Field, how you bring yourself to the Field dynamically alters its operating frequency at all given moments.

More high frequency acting? More high frequency Field (less absence).

More low frequency acting? A more low frequency Field (more absence).

Simply speaking.

I'd like you to take a pause for a second, and I'll restate something I said above.

Your power (e.g. your creative freedom, your talents, your knowingness, and your energetic vibration) originates within you. How you apply that power is your sovereignty, your toolkit to self-manage and self-direct. You activate your potential in any moment presented to you. When you bypass activating, you abdicate.

Again, the Field exhibits polarity. Getting to know, understand, and then be able to summon your power with your conscious awareness contributes directly to the frequency of any collective field. Courageously becoming intimate with your inner landscape to take direction from the wellspring of your own nature — which is deeply and inherently you — so you can contribute as a differentiated energy and discerning embodiment is your personal leadership gift that continually feeds the Field’s fountainhead.  

Nobody else can hear within you. Most cannot read your personal field. Nobody gives you your power, regardless of what the world and its decaying structures reinforce on repeat. You intuitively know when you are listening from deeply within to steer yourself without. 

You alone take direction from your psyche and soul, learning to listen attentively to its subtle, and not so subtle cues. Leadership — regardless of title, tenure, position, and currency — is exactly this. And this position, in the hierarchy of energetic awareness, is open and available to anyone, granted by no one. The singular hiring criteria is that you are breathing air. The evolutionary expectation is that you apply.

Doing Your Work

How do you elevate your game and maintain your center of gravity to remain perpetually in your power and highest potential in the forcefield of constant evolutionary change? 

  • You tap yourself and apply signature, highest vibrating you to the latent potential of the Field as your way of operating.

  • You maintain your highest self and best influence in and from this center. 

  • You work consciously with what fears ​(habituated thought, narrative, story-in-your-head patterns) you are unconsciously navigating around, denying, and avoiding. 

  • ​You discern continuously to remain in the moment, in your body, in your heart, in relationship to other(s) to steer from your light.

  • You take off your rose-tinted lenses to truly see and confront what are the dynamics in play — and you interrogate the ones you yourself are spinning up.

  • You hold yourself responsible for where you are progressing the collective forward or designing unuseful interference because you are quite busy rescuing, deflecting, imposing, manipulating, escaping, or aggressing.

  • You learn to conserve and protect your own energy and stay out of the mix of others’ with craft and positive intent.

  • You hold your own balance of self-worth and self-compassion in tandem with strength and truth.

Giving away your power, dialing down your own light, creating an absence of your authenticity, hitting the imaginary eject button to pop out of your truth, evacuating your presence in service of your explicit or implicit, conscious or unconscious fears is a fundamental leadership lesson of these times. 

​If the past was about power being drawn away (via man-made structures, rules, expectations, norms, ownership, labyrinths, worship) so the few could maintain social control over the many, the future is about power being unleashed within so the many can lead the way. The way into a more connected, distributed, fortified, and heart-centered future.

This is an evolutionary moment being asked of all in the infinitely diverse ways emergence works. 

From Fear- to Strength-Based Operating Frequencies

We change a system ​by inviting more people in​to​ their​ latent, innate, existing power (irrespective of role, title, tenure, stature) so a system skews to replenish itself from abundant​, intentional, and exponential​ energy. Future-focused systems build and maintain positive energetic forcefields​ in service of intentionally alternative ideas to design the alternative future. These alternatives will have zero pure play cognitive and strictly linear solves. They do not come with a tidy playbook and easeful step-by-step instructions. They will not derive from the song and dance of takeover, fear, and control-based language.

Alternately, these futures require a more dynamic field of dispersed and exponential horsepower. An arising, co-designed horsepower meant to generate, innovate, and flow the emergence of the “how’s” and the relative plays. This horsepower — designed and set-up intentionally and with rigor — distances itself (e.g. creating an absence around rather than a fight against) from earlier frequencies reliant on the phenomena of efficiency, restriction, hierarchy, limitation, rigidity, command — and control. The reason being those hold within them the fear-based frequencies of extraction​, deficit, greed, scarcity, manipulation, lack, grandiosity, and hubris. When any system’s Field is imprinted by these, their lower frequency vibrations hold the Field back, keep it low, serve to extract from rather than add to its vibrancy.

Forcefield footnote

Kurt Lewin brought forcefields into the applied behavior and organisation change narrative as a social, organisational and applied psychology practitioner in the early 20thC. The field as it relates to consciousness either from vedic and any eastern philosophy is another field metaphor and reference. The Change Field is a foundational Theeo methodology and practice instrument.

Evolutionary change happens in absence of fear-based frequencies.

When a Field constantly ​fights​ up against​ and is forced to cave to extractive-, deficiency-, scarcity-based energetics as a conditioned operating model, ​the Field's primary frequency rests upon fear, fright, reactivity, frustration, apathy, loss, lack, exhaustion, and then dispassion. ​In design​ing for a more connected​, elevated, open ​field informed by abundant, creative, flowing, and high vibe energy​, you must intend and then work toward a sustained level where the system’s mean frequency elevates to diffuse lower vibes and transmute extractive efforts. 

– Applied leadership, intentional system designing, and operating from conscious awareness are key factors in building and maintaining a modern organisational system.

– Hyper-control, over-structuring, arbitrary timelines, groupthink, and uninterrogated defaults lead to cultural, operational, and leadership dysfunction.

– Why? Because progressive becoming, creativity, and expectancy are the Field’s true nature.

Bringing a collective to a higher frequency is committed, disciplined, and applied change work. Evolving demands effort all the while it is inexorable and expectant. Evolving is meant to crack open hearts and reflect those new energetics in the Field. Upleveling and growing within your own sense of self to serve the more advanced and conscious human experiment of the collective is evolutionary. Seeding and radiating your own evolutionary awarenesses create and sustain the upleveled Field.

A singular (titled, positioned, heroic, resplendent or martyred) leader (even with their attendant officers) cannot exclusively do the work of crafting or maintaining the frequency of this envisioned and elevated Field. All the while, a single person (inclusive of their underdeveloped self-worth or personal authority and unmitigated projecting of selfishness as agency or rescuing as empathy on the collective’s Field) can very negatively peck at the fabric of a system designing its Field in the image of elevation.

Power lies with who and what you give and offshore power to. If not to and from yourself first, the higher frequency power gauge claws from the counterforce of low energetics.

Never underestimate the power of counterforce energy when you aren’t acting from your own source of power. Glow up. Show up. Be behaviorally present and energetically accountable. Refusing an operating model bouncing between the denser energies of scarcity, deficit, lack, control, manipulation, and fear is the work of our collective Field’s future. 

– The physics become when enough actors in any system (of any size) have either launched from or evacuated and evolved out of their own lower, fear-based frequencies.

– The people maintain themselves within their personal agency and authority.

– They learn to gracefully navigate the external Field (a mere reflection of the actors on it) and its counter forces from fortified (not shifty), aware (not manipulative), and grounded (not apologetic) personal power together.

– When enough individuals within any collective move about from this upleveled, shared system frequency, the denser realms of primitive operating consciousness have less chance.

– They must either give in, level up, come along – or simply become a card carrying member at a different low vibrating system (and plenty of those still exist).

Elevated Organisations

The healthiest, most progressive, and most demanding modern organisations practice elevated frequencies. These organisations are immeasurably clear about the fine line between leading and manipulating; directness and passive aggression; effort and apathy; compassion and niceties; ferocity and meanness; exponential and linear; power and control. They hire for them, speak openly to them, call them out. They force them into the light. They operate in apparent and obvious opposition rather than in deference to or codependence with them.

They fight for them within each corner of a system absent the delusion that a handful of people “at the top” will magically enable an enlightened and “safe” system to appear before them.

They architect a system design and invite humans to play within that system with clear principles, simple and compelling operating intentions, and — perhaps most critically — honest, open, kind and mature dialog served by adaptable structures. They understand the Field is latent and the build on her shoulders a derivative of the energetics in play by all — daily.

Enabling Factors of Elevated Organisations

  • They ask open questions.
  • They seek clarity as commitment to doing business.
  • They contain another’s influence over one another.
  • They push up against default norms and the just because response. 
  • They expect one another to relate at a higher energetic level because they opt to dignify the value and potential in the other. 
  • They disrupt for good (not simply to break things) by garnering their energy each day to show up from a well of receptivity, strength, focus, clear strategy, rigor and compassion. 
  • They understand that building and maintaining a high frequency field to align and flow with evolutionary change is a long game rooted in the more optimally designed daily grind.
  • They hold the poles of loving and fierce; open and strong; balanced and focused; vulnerable and discerning – with proficiency.
  • They live and respect boundaries by honoring personal agency and sovereignty rather than exhaustively trying to set them as a defense
  • They know how to value themselves from within (versus a menagerie of judging and defining externally) while participating actively in the collective field.
  • Respect and dignity, openness, dialog, sharing, truth, and clarity are their default.
  • They deeply understand they are never done, and leverage the unending potential and possibilities as a way to maintain operational consistency at the highest frequencies. 

No Field will ever be elevated or maintained through the simplistic use of banners, memes, clever titling, or distributed for distributed’s sake. A Field cannot be maintained by offshoring accountability to others for maintaining it. The Field has to be adopted, nurtured, and protected daily by a large enough cohort of powerful (not controlling) individuals stepping into the arena and the depth of themselves — getting their butts out of the cheap seats, being willing to fail, feel, and earn the progressive, evolutionary journey.

Falsely performing wokeness, calculatingly applying the performative expression of change rhetoric, or toxic positivity will never raise the vibratory equation. Excoriating the deeply embedded and unconscious thought patterns of dark side operating system phenomenon is consciously applied and continuous effort from. your. hearts. Egoic judo ​will not move any system to a more unified, higher Field. These will all simply keep you in the eternally dense labyrinth, on repeat. 

Cheap seats footnote

Brene (re-)elevated the Roosevelt quote into the collective awareness in her 2016 talk while also expanding her (western) culture conversation about the cheap seats, judgment, fear, creativity, courage, and vulnerability.

Converting the System Ratio 

Computing value, meaning, and integrating understanding doesn’t happen when minds and hearts aren’t sharing same consciousness spaces. The louder one yells, the more the other ducks. The more one pushes, the more the other pulls. The more threatened one feels, the more counterforce of either <victimisation> or <victimising> the other applies. 

A forcefield is simple physics in all of its complexity. Systems and the people working within them who may be resistors to elevating the game cannot actually hear the clarion cry of change with anything but their reptilian front brains (e.g. fear-based frequencies). The chants of “change the way you work” or “psychological safety” bounce right off their conscious awareness because it isn’t a vibratory match. It just computes as “threat on the horizon”. 

A collective needs to convert the ratio from lower frequency operating as the dominant default to higher frequency operating as the demand. The only way to establish and maintain the higher frequency in the Field is intentional and applied practice. Practice by lots of individuals raising their own vibratory Field, projecting that elevation onto the collective Fields wherever they roam, continually opening the Field up to its latent potential. 

Waiting for another to make the Field safe will forever be just a waiting game. Expecting the one with the title, age or wisdom to bring it will be an equally long wait. Allowing the ones with the title, age or perceived wisdom a different set of rules rather than ever-greater demand to uplevel is toxic at worst, regressive at best. It is the titles, age and supposed wisdom who are often most stuck in the former density. As such, you have to change the overall equation.

And, no surprise. You are the equation.

– You are the chosen one to dial the Field up at any given moment.

– You have within you the sparkle, compass, and the evolutionary permission.

– You come with the virtues of high frequency operating innately, and now you dig deep, dust off your personally accumulated bad habits, adopted sets of defenses and defaults, and otherwise unconscious fear-based behaving.

– You will need to opt out of allowing the illusions, delusions, and density to interfere with your steering.

– When your vibe is re-lit, you will be able to faithfully rely on it to steer you while magnetizing others to come along from that authentic source.

Discernment || Regeneration

Elevating the game is an effort of pure intention. It demands craftswomanship, discernment, hyper-focus​,​ resilience, and ​constant learning. You learn to operate from wide-eye​s on what is true versus normed, from loving without condition​ which is both soft and tough​, ​from your self-​worth, personal authority​, voice, and by sitting more comfortably and more often in that seat of power that is you — and all that power means — as a birthright.

It is deconstructing deeply derived rules, norms, manipulations, and habituations. It is making room, shutting up, taking space, getting loud, deserving, trusting, feeling awkward, getting simple with principles and practice — until feeling alive settles itself in. It is using these alternative operating norms and practices that set far higher standards for all players in the Field.

It is work. And, it is a dedication to yourself and to the collective.

Discernment is an art and you are constantly working with the many keys on her keyboard. You strive to remember she's there for you to consciously choose in all the moments versus defaulting to unconscious habit, narrative on replay, bumper sticker comebacks, and aged storylines. 

Regeneration is an evolutionary force, activated by whatever structural and behavioral dynamics you intentionally design — negative or positive. Elevating your game and the Field’s game is when you stop giving away power to the phenomenon dutifully in place to extract from it. You instead commit to play from the higher, more sovereign, authentic, and replenishing energetic Field that is you and the mirroring collective — to nurture elevation.

Discernment is your regenerative force.

You are being discerning​ when you try to understand with conscious awareness whether your story is ​verifiable​. You courageously say the harder, more tender, honest, and vulnerable words to maintain yourself, your sense of authority, and your dignity. You unpack trusting in the experience of truth and honesty. You tune into story and attachment without being overcome. You take distance when needed to see the forest through the trees and let what is revealing itself unfold. You connect as a first principle, cultivating love as a baseline energetic — an action and a presence — the (1) architectural and the (2) intuitive infrastructure of the Field. You do these individually and collectively​. 

The social structures and world building sewn together where power is intended for (and taken) only by the few has done a solid job of distorting humanity’s thinking about what we can talk about out loud, to whom, about what, when, why, and for what reason. To disrupt what are fully antiquated and unhealthy norms creating the present day depth of despair, pain and isolation, everyone must choose to step into their own elevation, find their footing to work with and apply the extent of their own sovereign power. You do this coupled with building alternative operating models, architectures, and structures where that collectively refracted light and power more naturally distribute themselves. Where they balance, flow, remain open, discern, receive, act kind and foster truthfulness, mature dialog, and progressive evolutionary change. 

Elevating the game isn’t a simple tweak. It is a full departure over time. Transmuting the vacuous spaces cleverly occupied by denser, less conscious operating frequencies is a call to action and vastly latent potential in the Field. Applying conscious awareness and practice accompanied by courage and vitality is where you’ll very quickly bump into that alive feeling. Once you do, it becomes impossible to play from your small self as a progressively influential actor in the Field. Yet, you will need focus, committed practice, and dispersion to hold the elevation and continue upleveling the Field. 

Elevating the game isn’t, at the end of the day, about you.

It is about an exponential step forward within and amongst the universal whole.

It is a way to expand and elevate who, how, and why to grow and evolve toward a holistically new and alternative paradigm from which to lead, love, and live on this planet. 

You are here purposefully to disrupt the systems and energetics that have governed us all into a perilous moment in human evolution.

You have the power to build an alternative future of higher frequencies and untapped potentials.

Everything about the ideals you espouse and the complaints you lodge require you to step up to and lead the collective from your highest self.

Raise the vibrations.

Cast your light.

Confront the density rather than conveniently ignore it.

Be in your authentic power while making room for others to be in theirs.

This is progressive, evolutionary change.

This is elevating the game.

Elevation into your light is what leadership means and contains.

Rising up is the work of your lifetime in service of a more consciously designed and elevated global future. 

You’ve got this. x
Editing Credits

Thank you to my friend and collaborator Tim Casasola for his consistently steady and smart red pen on my words.

by Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS
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