Indisputable Truths

Hands on the wheel of change. Gripping not required.

Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS

A consulting advisor to leaders, founders and teams, Kathryn weaves systems change vision and initiatives into strategy, priorities, and operating from outcomes. From her wheelhouse, she taps into how you communicate, relate, operate, work, lead, and group think; infuses presence, power, and self-awareness onto broad, prioritised organisation strategy; and designs tangible change for your more coherent, modern, and future-forward system.

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, New York City

When the indisputable truth is that change is progressive and inexorable — as far as nature and the lived experience is concerned — engaging it enthusiastically assists in meeting its eventualities.

You are perpetually shifting as an individual, as a team, and as a system.

Who you were when you awoke is not who you are when you close your eyes at night.

What and who an organisational system, and its many parts, is on a Monday is not what and who that system is on Friday.

The awareness to work with, not against is reliant on you all being in some version of moderate awakeness, steering from there, and participating with curiosity as a group of individuals making up the collective whole. You do all of this with your hands on the wheel of awareness, not with your minds and hearts on autopilot.

  • Hands on the wheel means interacting.

  • Interacting means applying dimensional languages.

  • Uptaking new tools.

  • Seeing through varied lenses.

  • Designing layered practices.

  • Embodying conscious engagement.

  • Sloughing... lots of sloughing.

  • Autopilot is more akin to lounging about in sameness.

  • Yelling similar rhetoric, only louder.

  • Moving the deck chairs around again.

  • Grabbing for new ways of working as the shiny penny, yet concurrently maintaining control features and architectures.

  • Believing that (1) thrust or (2) hope are meaningful change instruments. Meanwhile, both are proven failures. As Pema Chodron would say, abandon hope.

Operating within the field of change is effort, continual applied effort, while remembering that loss accompanies change in both the micro as well as the macro moments. You know all that talk about attachment, surrender, and acceptance? This is that.

Evolution moves, and cannot be stopped.

It can and must be worked with. And, worked with is not the same as managed. Managed is that attachment and control bit e.g. thrust. Each wholly contrary to conscious applied effort.

When you up your proficiency to interact with change, allowing it to lead, building mastery in its languages and dimensionality, your system ups its game. Naturally.

Deeply within the DNA of your system is the evolutionary demand to express ever increasing creativity, growth, and becoming.

Meet that origin story and culture imprint with enthusiasm.

Organisational life is encoded to be enlivening, not weighty.

Experienced, not didactic.

Expressive, rather than pedantic.

Creative in strategic focus.

Not gripped in fear-based or unconscious mechanics.

Flowed, not diminished.

Shared, an opposite of snatched.


Not masks.

LFGoooooo ......

You’ve got this. x

by Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS
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