Orient for Success, Not for Failure

How to Fail
How to Succeed
Look outward
Look inward
Focus exclusively on technical installs e.g. business results, boxes and lines, which people are in charge of which people
Focus on adaptive installs e.g. new mental models, mindsets, outcomes, and ways
Focus on "classroom" type skill building hoping its comfort will translate into performance outside the "classroom"
Live leading, communicating, meeting, building, and structuring in modern ways to ground strategy, priorities, and operating in real time
Ignore recursive habits and narratives that stand in the way of new possibilities
Interrogate repetitive operating habit, emotional narratives, wishful thinking, and energetic gamesmanship that hold you and the system in a state of inertia
Dismiss and deny
Inquire and question
Don’t commit; act passively or overtly against the change effort
Expand your capacity to lead human and organizational change by emotionally, mentally, and actively committing
Pretend change
Evidently integrate and model, actions not words, change
Lead a narrative that "change is not possible" at your organisation
Write potential-leaning narratives in real time to design new pathways about what is possible, expected, valued, and celebrated as a culture norm
Run the too busy storyline
Confront your internal assumptions and denials about your organization’s counterforces within its operating model and ways
Embrace inertia around your organization’s operating model
Recognise how the inertia (e.g. avoidance and unwillingness) to make tough decisions pours into the lack of results you are so busy trying to achieve
You’ve got this. x

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