Here + Now System Operating

Being, as Distinct from Doing

Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS

A consulting advisor and organisation designer to leaders, founders, and teams for 25 years, Kathryn weaves systems change vision and initiatives into strategy, priorities, and operating from outcomes. From her wheelhouse, she taps into how you communicate, relate, operate, work, lead, and group think; infuses presence, power, and self-awareness onto broad, prioritised organisation strategy; and designs tangible change to elevate your system's potential and expand its human value.

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, New York City

You have heard the memes plenty. 

  • Be present

  • Live in the freshness of now 

  • Quiet your mind

  • Sit with it

  • Everywhere you go, there you are

Here and Now

Outside of the spiritual teachings, the here and now is actually a leadership discipline taught as a module of organisational change, applied behavioral science, and interpersonal communication curriculum. To lead change, move systems, and influence people in the direction the higher call demands, you need a firm grasp and disciplined practices on here and now system operating.

Back when lore and the deeply enculturated habit of staring with too much grip at the ways of the past are anti-principles for modern leaders and for designing more evolved systems. Go ahead and use what once was, yet use it in the immediate now to frame, adjust, and let what needs to go go for these realities presenting. 

Your being (e.g. allowing, present) state exercised, different from your doing (e.g. acting, future) state is the art of learning and the practice of cultivating yourself as separate from the ego’s hold and over identification with your identity, the past, and the known. You — standing in higher, more differentiated observation of yourself and of the now moment — is you learning to be in the here and now. The potential and possibility. Creativity. Designing. Power. 

First, is your work to do as an individual system. Next, is your organisation's work as a dimensional system connected by actively present individuals.

Less Efforting | More Being

– You flip the script from incessant efforting as your first instinct to tapping in to your state of being first. 

– You change the value equation from external kudos, showmanship, vanity metrics to internal compass, strategic grounding, and pause for knowing a clear why? 

– You act when meaningful, valuable, purposeful action is demanded. 

– To do this, you interrupt your habitual efforting realising that running on the gerbil wheel is not equivalent to purposeful doing. 

– You halt acting from a less aware being state, emerging from too much misdirected efforting. 

– You begin acting from a more aware one, leading to choiceful doing. 

Efforting …

  • is straining, overplanning, attempting to control. 

  • is undirected or non-existant strategy. 

  • looks like a bouncy house of grown ups. 

  • may appear as grownups playacting professionalism and managerial authority. 

  • coming out of unconscious, habitual energy expression and unformed conscious awareness is strategic antimatter. 

To rewire your hardwired ways, you move into a new relationship with your beingness state as fundamental to tangibly changing the designs of the system.

You make purposeful decisions about purpose-driven actions you choose to take because you pause, check yourself, ensure clarity, and elevate your responses, replies, and reactivity — rather than applying mindless effort.

Your beingness resides in the heart of your awareness. 

  • Your work is to become established and in a far deeper relationship with that You. 

  • You do this work to build capacity in seeing things in the highest light, to work from your personal rooftop (sense, receive, understand, discern) rather than operate (act, do, direct, speak) from your ground floor. 

  • You do this so you suffer less. 

  • You do this to live and lead better. 

  • You do this to become a far better strategist, leader, and instrument of change.

When you begin to reside in the heart of awareness, your phenomenon nature activates. 

Whether you choose to understand this as flow, faith, manifesting or magic, it is tapping into and operating with and from beingness, the force that catalyses and nurtures the phenomenon of flow.

Life (personal and organisational) can begin to take care of life when you stop the insanity of relying on, designing from, and controlling your worlds from or to be chronic efforting and man-made posturing. The bouncy house is nothing short of regressive as a way to operate.

Less Repetition | More Contrast

From this more aware being state, you learn to meet challenge fruitfully. Strategy is about meeting, alchemising, and transforming fruitful, purposeful challenge. Efforting easily becomes about mindless, fear-based repetitive motion. 

You choose intolerance of your mind’s tricks that may have you taking any contrast and challenge personally. You refuse this monkey mind as you come to understand how it positions you energetically at the victimhood starting line. That line immediately renders you in low frequency acting. Instead, you anchor first into your beingness (that heart of awareness to design and operate from) in the face of challenge and contrast. You stretch yourself to direct meaningful action from this more aware edge and higher frequency terrain. 

You embrace that challenge and contrast are interwoven phenomena purposefully presenting to elevate and move you into right next actions from aware being. You build with challenge and contrast as design principles, working strategically with, not fighting against, them. 

Less Intellectualising | More Direct Experience 

Conceptual understanding (different from monkey mind) is a legitimate aspect of being you, but you want to bear in mind that the over-indexing of intellectualism and performative understanding has become toxic to the modern soul. The lived experience, your expression, purposeful action, and your fallibility are actually more the point. 

Your broadening understanding of the range and depth of your own beingness and your lived experience of increased aware doing are the progressive building blocks of your truth — and your strategy. 

As you build the here and now muscle, learning to pause and tap into this moment, your beingness and heart of awareness, you interrupt regressive, habituated efforting.  

The stronger you and all systems learn to be through these higher and more present eyes and do from those elevated eyes, the more joy.

The less resistance.

The greater quotient of peace.

The more intended, strategic outcomes realised.

The healthier the humans.

The more evolved the change.

The better the future.

The one born out of this here and now – and all its untapped potential.

You’ve got this. x

by Kathryn Maloney M.A. ABS
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