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Kathryn Maloney, M.A. ABS

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Nature continually invites you to design change. Are you accepting the invitation or are you letting change design you?

Vedic View

Why Change?

Standing up companies, verticals and functions, and leading teams of humans are callings far larger than ourselves. You know this deeply when you are in it. You also know if you've ventured the terrain, it can feel disheartening at times.

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We serve as thresholders — bringing ideas, businesses, industries and people from here to there. To do this fluently, we have to hold dimensional lenses and work myriad levers simultaneously, keeping the elevation, sets of potentials, and long view in the foreground. We have to normalise the return to the zero point of trying anew, again and again, while also grounding the new that proves out. 

Undoing, composting, revising, and redesigning system-centered leadership, communication, structures, and power balances connected to a clear vision and vertical identity are challenging phenomena to work exclusively, consistently, and adaptively from within. They are also the rubicons that need to be crossed for progressive change to occur with more ease, and to operate comfortably in the flow of change. 

Undoing (different than destroying) creates freedom. Freedom to create, be, and do more and better on behalf of the shared vision and evolutionary demand. The undoing and that unlocked freedom (paired with discernment, rigor, and systems designing) is where you buy health, joy, and tangible results. The journeying into these spaces are matterful. They are your levers and unlocks.

The business of change is an ongoing pursuit and generative practice. Mastery is both art and science. x


  • Systems Change

  • Organisation Design

  • Organisation Change

  • Qualitative Research, Usability + Assessment

  • Systems Thinking

  • Master Facilitation

  • Leadership Coaching

  • Team + Group Dynamics

  • Neuroscience

  • System Energetics

  • Communications + Technology

  • Simplification

  • Information Design

  • Future of Work

  • Modern Ways of Working

  • Change Storytelling

  • Message + Positioning

  • Behavioral Sciences

  • Organisation Effectiveness

  • Organisation Alignment

  • Team Coaching

  • Organisation Communication

Partnerships + Builds

Change, Strategy, and System Design embeds, projects, builds, and offsites I have led over the years.

Streamline Family Office - A family office providing integrated infrastructure for UHNW families since 2011. (2013-2023, Multi-year Strategy, Leadership, and Organisation Growth Advisory and Consulting)

Allstate - American Insurance Company. (2021, Multi-day Organisation Effectiveness Division Vision + Strategy Days)

UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator - A global social impact accelerator within UN World Food Programme. (2021-2022, Multi-year Modern Ways of Working, Strategy, Leadership, and Organisation Change, Growth embed)

UN WFP INKA Division - WFP Innovation and Knowledge Division. (2022, Led global, remote, Division offsite session during the Division's Offsite days to introduce and share horizontally the modern ways of working work being done within the Accelerator)

Omidyar - A philanthropic investment firm. (2020, Multi-day Organisation Strategy Offsites for Global Leadership and Systems + Complexity Teams)

UNFPA - An agency of the United Nations focused on sexual and reproductive health. (2019, Multi-day Global HR Leadership Offsite)

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) Global Marketing. Global Marketing Division within Boston Consulting Group. (2017-2019, Multi-year Modern Ways of Working, Strategy, Leadership, and Organisation Change Embed)

BCG Global Finance. Global Finance Division within Boston Consulting Group. (2018-2019, Multi-year Modern Ways of Working, Strategy, Leadership, and Organisation Vision Embed)

BCG Corporate Development. Corporate Deal Team within Boston Consulting Group. (2018, Multi-year Modern Ways of Working, Strategy)

Macy's. Clothing Retailer. (2019, Strategy Offsite for HR Directors)

The Boeing Company. Global Aviation. (2019-2020, Multi-year Organisation Design, Strategy, Modern Ways of Working embed and Internal Change Team Build for Culture + Performance Division, serving internal HR, IT, and Manufacturing Customers)

The Boeing Company. Culture Alliance. (2020, Multi-day Organisation Vision + Strategy Executive Leadership Offsite and Metrics Plan focused on amplifying broad outcomes and efforts around safety, quality, and integrity for brand recovery.)

Edelman. Global PR + Marketing Company. (2017, 10-month assessment process on Org Structure, Leadership, and Modern Ways potential for a globally distributed, localised ecosystem within US, private ownership structure embed)

Kaplan Test Prep (KTP) - Education and Training Services Company. (2017-2018, Year-long Organisation Strategy, Leadership, and Modern Ways of Working Change embed)

General Electric (GE) - Manufacturing. (2016-2018, Multiple Organisation Leadership and Design projects within Core Technology Division embed)

The Ready - Organisation Design, Ways of Working Consulting Company. (2016-2020, Multi-year company build from start up)

Language Dept - Design Practice. (2015-2017, Multi-year founding partners advisory, coaching, and growth strategy consulting)

Freshy's West Seattle - Coffee and Cafe. (2015, Founder advisory, organisation design, growth prospecting)

Hotel Particulier - Fine Art Event Space. (2013, Advisory on start-up plan and proof of concept)

Home Grown Books - Early Readers + Fine Art Book Publisher. (2011-2015, Multi-year advisory on business start-up concept, early business phase iterating, funding strategy)

Bija Kids - Yoga School for Kids. (2010-2014, Multi-year advisory on next phase of growth, organisation design, operating model consulting)

Mala Yoga - Yoga Business (2010-2012, Co-Founder advising on partnership, growth, operating model, organisation design consulting)

Pochron Studios - (Museum/Gallery) Fine Art Print Studio (2012-2015, Co-Founder advising on partnership, Sandy crisis, services diversification consulting)

Ici Restaurant - Farm-to-Table Restaurant + Event Space (2012-2014, Founder advising on growth, services diversification, Sandy crisis, operating model consulting)

Benson Educational Consulting - Tutoring Practice (2011-2013, Founder consulting and advising on start-up elementary-middle school tutoring business after an earlier career in NYC public education system consulting)

Fannie Mae - Federal National Mortgage Association, a U.S. Gov't sponsored enterprise and publicly traded company. (2008-2009, Viability and Product Positioning Strategy project on alternative mortgage instruments, ending in a "no-go" based on the research embed)

SEC - Securities and Exchange Commission of U.S. Government. (2006-2008, Cross-Agency Strategy on early privacy and security legislation and communication changes embed)

IRS - Internal Revenue Services of U.S. Government. (2005-2010, Multi-year Organisation Strategy, Design, Ways of Working, Leadership across IRS embed)

FTC - Federal Trade Commission. (2006-2008, Cross-Agency Strategy on early privacy and security legislation and communication changes embed)

HHS - Health and Human Services of U.S. Government. (2008-2010, Organisation Strategy on early Health Privacy legislation and communication embed)

Rand Corp - Global Policy Think Tank. (2007, Communication Information Strategy + Design Project on Health research strategy )

Ally Bank - American Bank. (2008, Integrating Across Divisions (Finance, Legal, Marketing, Sales, etc.) intent, strategy, communication/information design project to align corporate privacy and security practices)

Kleimann Communication Group. Simplification, Information Design, and Org Strategy Consultancy. (2005-2010, Multi-year company build from 5 years on)

Rapid River Company. Retail and Wholesale. (1994-1998, Multi-year retail company build from start up)

Fixes, Co-competes, Sub-contracts, and Co-projects with:
Oliver Wyman
Hay Group


M.A., Applied Behavioral Science (Organisation Change and Leadership in Human Systems)

B.A. Italian Language and Art History

Vedic Philosophy + Meditation, Yoga, Eastern Religions, Neurosciences

Organisation Design + the Future of Work

Natural Systems Science

Things I Love

  • riddles to solve

  • travel adventures

  • the beach

  • laughter

  • learning

  • research + analysis

  • clean sound

  • art + design

  • beautiful food + wine

  • textiles

  • a hot bath

  • trees and sky

  • good system minds

  • choiceful words

  • being upside down

  • my kid

  • a well-made americano

  • quiet

  • the intricacies of this humbling and complex world

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