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The prompt asked to our partners in change is "what does it feel like to work change in these ways?" To do tangible change work, you are going to feel. You'll need to deeply think too but it is the feeling space that often we avoid and expect change at the same time. This is one reason it is widely reported not to work. So, we prefer reflections on what it feels like in hopes people's stories are relatable and you can sense into the truth of tangible change.

With Kathryn having my back, Streamline has grown revenues by 5x. More importantly perhaps, my growing discipline to find footing in my own uncompromising truths has been a best outcome. Peeling back the layers to lead at the intersections of growth, sustainability, and the team is real work and what can feel lonely to do alone as a founder. Therein lies the genius that Theeo brings using equal parts expertise, humility, and directness — if we allow. Now focused on our refreshed business vision and further financial growth, I see even more potential on the go forward. While maybe the harder choice as a leader, the dimensional work always at hand within systems is impossible to ignore or step over. For Theeo’s support around it all, we are grateful.
Katie Sullivan

while working together over the course of a decade nurturing the business, steering expansion, and growing the team at Streamline. Evolving from a stealth three person delivery team (from 2013) serving 2-3 families into an equally stealth fifteen person current organisation serving 18 families and entities. All possible because of the commitment to a system complexity delivery model, human-first product, and service-first operating design.

at Streamline Family Office
Katie Sullivan at

Partnering with Kathryn to shift the way I lead teams, substantively changed the vision and direction of my organisation(s). It aligned strategy and priorities anew, molded them in rigorous rhythms which resulted in my own transformation to a more coherent, truthful vision for my professional direction as a global leader. Our work together has been an invaluable asset personally and professionally. Kathryn's creative and methodological intention behind Theeo’s brand and viewpoint on system designing, organisation change and modern leadership are an imperative for building and leading organisations truly fit for a modern, generative future.
Massimo Portincaso

while Massimo led a scaled ways of working, technology adoption, global strategy, and division transformation effort of Global Marketing, inspiring BCG Global Finance and the Corporate Deal Team to also jump on board.

at Boston Consulting Group
Massimo Portincaso at

Working with Kathryn is like having open heart surgery on yourself. Painful, sometimes nauseating, and eventually life-saving. She brought structure, strategy, honesty, and poetry to a systems-change process that began long before I joined the party. She created a format for working that was trusting, agile, ambitious, digitally-enabled and in every sense of the term, fit for modern people. I am glad I caught the tail-end of her journey with us and was able to, with her guidance, shed outdated concepts of efficiency and productivity. Theeo's work with us officially concluded more than a year ago, yet my team and I reference Kathryn's teachings on a daily basis (and sometimes even think we can hear her voice coaching us through it.)
Sandra Raad

During a multi-year and system-wide org vision refresh, modern ways of working install, and outcome-based prioritisation and strategy engagement within WFP Innovation Accelerator, a global accelerator piloting and scaling digital innovations to meet zero hunger within WFP, within the UN.

at UN World Food Programme Innovation Accelerator
Sandra Raad at

I have experienced Kathryn’s change work from when I joined the BCG Global Marketing leadership team back in 2018 and it has had a significant impact on my professional life and career. She understands that change happens from within the organisation and the individual, and works at a profound level, constituting real development of mindset, personal accountability and interaction with colleagues alongside the organisational redesign. This can be challenging stuff, but is held together with Kathryn’s deep empathy and innate understanding of social dynamics. This is work that those who experience it take with them and become agents of change. Because once experienced, it is very hard to go back to old habits and working practices.
David Fine

while joining and integrating onto a global leadership team that was then one year in to a full re-imagining and re-factoring of its ways of leading, working, structuring, and strategically positioning a transformed product & service delivery porfolio.

at Boston Consulting Group
David Fine at

Working with Kathryn and Theeo is like jumping out of an airplane - completely exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. You quickly realize that Kathryn is both pushing you out of the plane and providing the parachute. You just need to trust. If you want to tackle deep work that changes everything about the direction and impact of your work and your team, Theeo is for you.
Lisa Zarick

while Lisa reimagined her Organisation Effectiveness Team's purpose, vision, and strategy; internal mandate; and outcome-based org effectiveness and scaled change offerings.

at Allstate

while Lisa and her Boeing Culture Team led an at scale culture transformation effort to enculturate systemically and embed deeply as a more evolved performance metric the Boeing Behaviors, introducing and inspiring new ways of working as the pathway and means to measurable organisational change.

at The Boeing Company

while Lisa co-led an appointed cross-functional organisation change team (executive committee, key HR roles, global business leads) during a phase of substantive global delivery reimagining, focused on intent and strategy around decentralised global structure, leadership cohesion, and systemic introduction to more modern ways of working.

at Edelman
Lisa Zarick at

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