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Ways to Hire Theeo

Evolve Your Organisation

Discover Your Needs + Blocks

| Understand, Map + Scope Your Change

Discover your blindspots. Build a solid hypothesis on which the change, shared narrative, outcome measures, tangible change can lie. Cast aside assumptions. Gain first-hand clarity. Enroll hearts and minds. Interrupt reacting, and instead do due diligence.


  • hear your best thinking, vision, and wants.

  • figure out what the system thinks, wants, and feels.

  • more objectively reflect back who the system currently is e.g. what are her strengths, weaknesses, desires, biases, alliances, and capacity for change?

  • package those findings into a broad, pointed, operationable strategy and change proposal.

Our depth of experience in modern, qualitative, and interactive research design brings voices to the surface and emerges a dynamic and thoughtful system story based on those voices — to use to steer your forward momentum.

Use real-time insights, even if confronting and complex, to ground and direct your growth, change, and future focus.

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Operationalise Vision + Strategy

| Strategy Clarity & Articulation, as a Way of Operating

Align. Align again. And keep aligning, continuously.

You might think everyone knows what are the vision, strategy, purpose, and objectives for the project, program, year, team, or your company overall. 99.99% chance, per our experience, they will say they have no idea.

  • Interrupt the never ending question and spinning around "what is our strategy?"

  • Build in and actualise a rhythmicised vision and strategy forcing function.

  • Ensure your strategic direction is up-to-the minute, obvious, articulated, and followable.

  • Commit to a cyclical rhythm to get up high so you enable people’s day-to-day prioritisation and steering.

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Transform Teams for Purpose

| Applied Strategy Installs, Clear Prioritisation, Outcome-Based

  • Use alternative mental models, tighter timeframes, and modern approaches.

  • Install and embed strategy and change as a way of operating

  • Identify clearly, rhythmically, in real time what work is needing doing, what outcomes are being realised, and the broader impact measured.

  • Adopt team rhythms and practices to wire tangible, prioritised outcomes connected to organisation vision, strategy, and objectives.

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Wire Horizontal Leadership

| Cross-Functional Delivery as the Norm, not the Exception

Systems are made up of people. People make up teams. Working strategically is progressive. Horizontal, not vertical, wins the day.

  • Stop operating against rather than in the flow of your shared vision, strategy, and objectives.

  • Become cohesive Teams functioning at more evolved decibals across, not down.

  • Shoot for elegance, horizontal collaboration, and awake execution.

  • Become higher vibrating and synched operators.

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Lead Progressively

| Founder, C-Suite, Director Level Advisory for Modern Leading and Operating

No leader (that we know of yet) has the full set of chops to do substantive and material change and growth work, that is continuously additive, functional, and modern. Once you embrace that as normal, get out of your own way and pull in help.

  • Get supported by experienced and knowledgeable modern change hands.

  • Enlist dimensional thinkers and advanced change practitioners as trustworthy advisors.

  • Learn and grow in a safe space.

  • Practise presence with rigor.

  • Operate a more joyful, cohesive, and strategic team and organisation.

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Systems Design

Animate a Modern Organisation

| Organisation Change + Transformation, for a Modern Future-Facing Organisation

Transform. Change. Evolve. Wholistically.

  • Endeavor system-wide organisation design alterations.

  • Re-wire mental models.

  • Upend dysfunctional communication norms.

  • Open information flow.

  • Stare down management antiquities.

  • Interrupt unconscious and unuseful power dynamics and structures.

  • Connect recruiting, onboarding, hiring, and culture architectures.

  • Embed and install strategy and priortisation rhythms.

  • Graft the structures for a more modern situation.

  • Align the whole to your more accurate and coherent brand story.

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Compel a Modern Change Narrative

| Product + Story Campaigns for a Organisation Culture Committed to Modern

Becoming a future-focused system wired for continual progression and change requires focus, commitment, mindset disruption, time, courage, presence, behavior change, story, and communication. No miracles up ahead. Only good, thoughtful, and skillful work to do, reflect, ground, do more, reflect again, and ground more. Communication and accessible information are vital to unraveling ingrained, assumed shoulds.

  • Enlist bespoke brand artifacts

  • Design visual tools for system spread

  • Craft engaging and system aligned story campaigns

  • Support real people, who spend precious time delivering real and meaningful outcomes in service of your vision

  • Knit teams together beyond directives.

  • Reinforce a healthy, progressive culture the system is living into.

  • Make the walls beautiful and the tools tangible.

  • Wrap yourselves in the change.

Brand and message internally are as important as externally. Get it right.

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Architect Strategy Horizons

| Make Strategy Outcome-Led, Tangible, Modern, and Broadly Accessible

Are you familiar with the expression "your strategy needs a strategy"? This is that, but modern and organisation change-focused broadly.

When you do the work to make overall vision, strategy and priorities clear, it then becomes time to make sense of how to move on them systemically, inclusively, iteratively, horizontally, and on relevant and purposeful timelines.

  • Build a modern, strategic change plan

  • Effect the plan as emergent, while rigorous

  • Understand how

  • Lead your strategy strategically

  • Nest short-term in long-term tangibly and cohesively

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Build a Modern Change Practice Internally

| Build an Organisation Change Function Internally

Organisations everywhere operate using outdated models, structures, roles, and methods that keep their systems in a constant state of evolutionary tension alongside rapidly emerging new technologies, continually broadening expectations, and constant financial demands.

  • Build your base of internal organisation change expertise and modern change practitioner know-how.

  • Equip an internal transformation and change team to serve the system, its vision and strategy.

  • Anchor elevated and modern sets of ideas, tools, and ways.

  • Ground your internal change capacity with up-to-date, rather than outdated, talent.

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Design Modern Change Conversations

| Host Modern Change Strategy Discussions, Systemically

Participatory, interactive discussions about your current state, the why of modern organisations, leadership rather than management, ideas and realistic expectations on the how-to around change aspirations are purposeful.

  • Provide inspiring and comfortable space for teams to gather intelligence.

  • Co-emerge understanding (specific to your organisation) on the counter-productive ways of work to leave behind.

  • Design interrelatability.

  • Interrupt assumptions on the how of building agency + safe spaces to work together.

  • Begin to seed systemically what it looks like to knit healthier, more joyful, and strategic teams.

  • Move the needle from cogitating to tangibility, from out there to right here.

  • Make it mature and open, not propaganda and secretive.

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Theeo Contracting Process

We figure out together, upfront, and in conversation the shared expectations, starting places, and path for your change. These samples help you imagine where a conversation might begin. When you contact us for an exploratory chat, we can hear what is up and guide you toward a smart starting design. Contracting well is a key principle we operate with.

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